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45+ Years of Combined Professional Training Experience

Combining passion, decades of knowledge, and a dynamic team of industry experts, Specialty Dog Training serves our local community in Southern California and works with clients all across the country. Our team specializes in training and placing incredible personal and family protection dogs, family companions, and we also work with our clients dogs that struggle with obedience and behavioral challenges. Together, our team has received certifications, awards and accolades from some of the most well recognized institutions across the United States and internationally.

We utilize positive reinforcement, drive exhaustion, structure, appropriate and fair discipline, good clear communication between you and your pet and excellent client communication to achieve the finest results in dog training.

Your canine is unique for many reasons: breed, age, appearance, genetics, environment, past experiences and general personality. For this reason, we believe in customizing canine training programs that fit your puppy and your lifestyle. The same is true when placing one of our trained family protectors or companion dogs. We learn about your needs, wants, lifestyle and ultimately what dog will best match your home.

SDT also believes in giving back! We are partnered with local dog rescues and other wonderful charities to give back where we can. Our most prominent relationship is with our very own charity partner, Shelter to Solider. Specialty Dog Training is the founding partner of STS and donates time, space, staffing and funds to this incredible organization. We are continuously giving back to our community, our military and pets in need. Call or email us today to speak with a dog training expert!

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  • Graham Bloem and his Specialty Dog Training Team are the best in the business! I searched globally for a year for my canine companion to enjoy the golden years. Having family pets throughout my life, I knew that the choice I made was similar to adopting a child. I had very specific needs on my […]

    Denis Waitley
  • Through Graham’s intuitive approach to understanding and training dogs, he’s coaxed from Lava that inner canine and turned him from a nervous, at times aggressive dog, with a lack of confidence into an obedient, focused, fun-loving, confident and loving companion.

    Lt. Col. Jay Kopelman
  • He has been a diligent teacher with his training of us, to make sure they are successful under our leadership. His ongoing guidance and support has made an otherwise overwhelming situation bearable and hopeful.

    Tracy Chu
  • Graham trained Arrow but he also provided my husband and I with the proper training. While Graham would be working with Arrow he was also explaining techniques to reduce Arrow’s sense of dominance and recognizing Arrow’s need to protect and how to work with that to provide a safe environment for all of us.

    Sandy Corvin
  • Our sweet but unruly one-year-old dog named Tank spent a month in boot camp. He came out so well behaved, with amazing manners, commands and our small kids have even been able to get him to listen.

    Cate O’Reilly

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