Specialty Dog Training Payment Plans – High Level Dog Training With An Affordable Monthly Payment

We feel the investment in a specially trained dog or our tailored training programs for your personal dog will be worth every penny. We also understand that these services and programs come with a financial commitment that not all can make at the time of enrollment. Our company now offers financial assistance through a variety of different payment plans and loan programs.

When you look at the price of dog training, consider thinking of it over the life of your dog rather than the length of the program. In the case of our service dog programs, these are life changing and often lifesaving out of pocket medical expenses.

Or, in the case of our personal and family protection dogs, we aren’t just selling an elite security system with an average working life of 10+ years, but also placing a highly trained best friend and family member in your home.

Below are the payment methods and programs we offer. Discounts on programs vary and the most substantial savings will always be paired with programs that are paid for in full.

Payment Methods and Programs

SDT accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, ACH, and bank transfer/wire. We do not accept personal checks.


In-House Payment Options

SDT also offers in-house payment plans on certain programs. With a down payment/deposit, we offer auto-debit monthly payments or delayed payments depending on what program is chosen, check in dates and check out dates for your pup. These programs are offered with no credit check. Find out more when you schedule your free phone consultation.

Personal Loans

SDT offers very specialized emotional support, facility, and service dog programs. We also place highly trained personal and family protection dogs and detection dogs. We understand these programs and dogs come at a high price, but it is because of the immense amount of care, training, and transfer time that goes into each customized program.

For these programs, we work with preferred lenders to be able to offer third party access to personal loans. Loan program options range in the amount of time you have to repay the loan as well as interest rates. These programs require working directly with the lender/bank and we cannot guarantee approval, monthly payment, or rates. We have many clients that utilize these options, and they share the amazing outcomes that would not have been possible without this support. Inquire here to learn more.

**See current promotions for available discounts.

**SDT offers year-round discounts for active duty military, veterans, first responders, and teachers. Discounts cannot be combined. If a promotion is being offered at a better rate than this discount, that promo offer will be honored.