Whether you recently adopted a dog, started late with foundational training, new obedience challenges came up, or your lifestyle and goals changed, we have a program to help you achieve your training goals. Specialty Dog Training™ specializes in creating an unbeatable learning environment in a safe, fun, and interactive space. It is true, old dogs can learn new tricks and our team proves that every day. That being said, the longer a behavior is present, the more ingrained it becomes. Also, younger dogs are more malleable, and the older a dog gets, the more challenging it can be to control old bad habits and teach new great ones. Roughly 70% of dogs that join Specialty Dog Training™ boot camp programs are adult dogs and the vast majority are rescues. Our decades of experience in training older dogs help ensure not only the highest quality of care and training but the results that many often thought weren’t possible. 

Obedience Focused Board & Train Programs for Adult Dogs:

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10% off when you register before October 31st, 2021!
(Discount valid 10/15/2021 – 10/31/2021)

(enrollment is due by this date, but check in dates for up to one year out from enrollment are accepted. Dates are subject to availability)

  • Intermediate 4 week camp – $3,700 $3,330
    Includes 3 handling lessons 
  • Intermediate/Advanced 6 week camp $5,400 $4,860
    Includes 3 handling lessons
  • Advanced 8 week camp$7,200 $6,480
    Includes 3 handling lessons 

Exceptions to enroll adult dogs in a 3-week camp can be made at times, but it would greatly depend on the age, challenges, goals, and temperament of your dog. We typically will not offer anything less than 4 weeks for adult dogs given the reasons listed above. Taking our time to create long term results is key. During your complimentary phone consultation, one of our senior certified dog trainers will learn more about your dog, your lifestyle, the challenges, and goals.

Custom-tailored advanced obedience programs are available for those seeking a full turnkey solution or a working dog prep course. These programs start at 12 weeks in length and time is adjusted to meet the needs of your lifestyle and long term goals.