Specialty Dog Training brings our decades of professional dog training experience to serve you and your canine family member. Your dog is unique for many reasons: breed, age, appearance, genetics, environmental exposure, past experiences, and general personality. For this reason, we believe in customizing training programs to fit your dog and your lifestyle.

Specialty Dog Training™ offers elite dog training and specializes in the following:

Protection Dog Programs

Welcome to Specialty Dog Training’s protection dog division, your source for highly trained protection and detection dogs. Specialty Dog Training™ offers an elite program that focuses on not just producing highly trained working dogs with exceptional temperaments but also focuses on our very special clients and your needs.

Pre-Trained Family Dogs

Do you need help finding and training the perfect addition to your pack? Are you currently searching to adopt or purchase a dog but are unsure how to find a great match for your home and lifestyle? We are here to help and allow professionals to be the matchmakers lowers the risk of challenges and increases the positive interactions and relationship with your new canine family member. Specialty Dog Training™ has trained family dogs available for adoption and we can also source and train a dog for you if we don’t have a match. We take all the guesswork out of adopting a new pup by hand-selecting the best dog for you based on your family’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

Board and Train Programs

SDT specializes in creating a unique learning opportunity in a safe, fun and interactive environment for your 4-legged family member(s). We all lead busy lives and often don’t have the time it takes to get great consistent results. Additionally, dogs that have more challenging behavioral issues that require professional intervention and a controlled environment thrive in our specialized programs. Our team of dog trainers understands that it isn’t a lack of desire but rather just an issue of not having the time or not being equipped to work through difficult behaviors. We take your family member into our loving and structured environment and teach him/her new boundaries and commands and work with all behavioral issues. Review our Boot Camp program options and contact us today. 

Emotional Support, Facility & Service Dog Programs

With decades of experience hand selecting and training Emotional Support Animals, Facility Dogs and Service Dogs/Assistance Dogs, Specialty Dog Training is here to provide the support and solution you need. We offer custom tailored programs for individuals seeking an ESA or Service dog, and we train and place Facility Dogs for organizations in need of a special canine companion at their location. Learn more about each of these programs.