Welcome to Specialty Dog Training’s working dog division, your source for highly trained protection and detection dogs. Specialty Dog Training™ offers an elite program that focuses on not just producing highly trained working dogs with exceptional temperaments but also focuses on our very special clients and your needs. Our protection dogs are family safe, good with children and adults due to being raised around kids and exposed to many new people from a young age. Similar to owning any dog or animal, practicing proper engagement, supervising young children, and teaching responsible and kind interactions with kids is necessary. 

Specialty Dog Training™ protection dogs are exposed to home settings and a vast array of new environments to be sure they can be safe, obedient, and perform regardless of the environment. Our team works with individuals, families, prominent community figures, celebrities, and businesses that require or want the next level of safety and security. We work closely with you to deliver the right protection dog for your needs. 

Specialty Dog Training™ Personal & Family Protection Dogs are: 

  • Good-natured, confident, social, and balanced
  • Hand-selected by certified expert trainers in the working dog field
  • Highly obedient
  • Committed to the important task of safety and security

Many of our clients reside in safe communities where they may have security/alarm systems, private security on site, and they are considered low risk thanks to these tools. Sadly, despite the steps taken to reduce risk, the reality is that real threats still exist. Over the past two decades in this profession, the personal stories have been alarming, to say the least, and when you research things like a home invasion, sexual assault, burglary, car-jacking, or similar, you will find that these traumatic events happen closer to home than you think. A properly trained protection dog can’t be turned off with a switch, batteries removed, or disconnected like an alarm system, they don’t clock out and go home like a security guard, and it is near impossible to sneak by a properly trained dog on duty. Beyond just the safety and protection for you and your family, our dogs are beautiful, loving, loyal, and highly trained in obedience commands (on and off-leash), have great house manners, and are responsive in many environments. This makes a Specialty Dog Training™ protection dog not only your most reliable security system but a loving family member.

Why a personal protection dog?

Why get a personal protection dog, even if you have other measures of security and safety in place? 

  • They are loving, loyal and highly trained companions that add so much to your life beyond security
  • If you have a family with children, they increase your child’s sense of safety. With all that our kids watch and see in the world, making them feel safe is a parent’s top priority. 
  • Highly sophisticated, fast responding alarm system, regardless of technology glitches, power outages or delays in waiting for law enforcement intervention
  • Your personal protection dog is a canine bodyguard that you can take with you (and your family). This includes being with you in your vehicle, public settings that are dog friendly, private events, travel abroad (private charter, vacation home/rental, during ground transportation among other times one would need protection)
  • Companion for walks, hikes, jogging/running and any outdoor exercise where you were once vulnerable…especially at night or poorly lit areas.
  • Camping and areas lacking fast police response time or with poor cell service 
  • A fierce and loyal defender who would most likely give his/her life to defend you and your family

Our protection dogs are a well-rounded, comprehensive security system. They are the early warning/alarm, the deterrent, and ultimately, if needed, the weapon. Alarms do help, but unfortunately by the time someone has already breached a door or broken a window, it can be too late and the trauma is inevitable regardless of severity. If someone of not sound mind is serious about executing a burglary or worse, they know they have time. Your dog will hear, smell or see before your alarm is ever triggered. If that subject decides to push past the barking threat/alarm bark, they will be met with a second level of threat response and if they still don’t quit, the dog will deploy. The fact is, most protection dogs never need to actually bite/attack…thankfully. The threat and deterrent is enough..but we don’t count on that as your safety is priority one.

What makes Specialty Dog Training™ the best choice? 

Specialty Dog Training’s team is made up of certified dog trainers that are very experienced in this field. We treat every dog and client like family and we stand behind our dogs. Specialty Dog Training™ trainers have trained and deployed dogs with multiple law enforcement agencies, military working dogs, DEA, FBI, Border Patrol among others. Training and placing protection dogs is a serious job that must be taken seriously, but should also be executed with passion and a love for this special work. That is what you can expect when working with Specialty Dog Training. A high level of care, execution and dogs that will not only perform and protect, but that will be your best friend and companion. We know the importance of personal safety, family security and keeping our children protected. We won’t place a dog with you that can’t provide these elements as we wouldn’t accept any less in our own home. 

Inaccurate Information

There are many myths and tales about protection dogs, and it is important that we touch on a few to help you understand our mission more. Things that we hear or read in the working dog community, and our response to those comments: 

They are mean, aggressive, and a liability – A protection dog obtained from a credible training company will be the most confident, obedient, best-behaved dog you will ever own. Our dogs are not vicious or mean, they are social and balanced but trained to be loyal protectors if needed. This being said, dogs are not machines or robots, and all animals have a level of tolerance and must be treated fairly. Any dog can bite if provoked enough, so practicing standard safeguards with children and guests is important with a pet dog, and a pet protection dog. 

I can get a protection dog for less – Be sure to do your research and understand that the team is in fact able to specialize in properly trained personal and family protection dogs. Many trainers do not have the experience and do in fact place dogs that either won’t follow through and be there at a time of need, or are trained incorrectly and become agitated, anxious or aggressive.

I have to pay $65,000 to 100,000 for a protection dog – There is a balance between quality work, great dogs that we prepare for this important job and what you pay. Some are far too inexpensive because they don’t have the experience and can’t stand behind their dogs/service. Others overcharge because of what they paid for a dog and they now are re-selling, or the dog has some mostly meaningless titles in the sport dog world that won’t carry over to keeping you and your family safe. Specialty Dog Training™ provides dogs at a very competitive price, without cutting any corners or sacrificing quality, but also not overcharging just because we know many of our clients can’t afford dogs that cost nearly six figures+. Honesty and integrity is a big part of our code and mission. 

My current pet dog will protect me – We wish this was true because that would mean everyone would be that much safer. The fact is the majority of pet dogs will either make friends with the bad guy or run the other way. Only properly trained dogs, that have been exposed to a large variety of scenarios and types of encounters, with the right temperament will stand between you and a potentially life-threatening event with an intruder/subject. 

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