SDT Level 1 protection dogs are trained to respond to an alert/alarm bark on command. These family protectors are also naturally territorial and we guide and reinforce their desire to vocalize when someone is present that they aren’t familiar with. Our deterrent protection dogs will bark and stand in front of or beside the handler. These dogs will place themselves between you and the subject. The alert command can be given on leash, on a walk, at your front door, inside your vehicle or anywhere you are out with your dog (on leash). Level 1 protection dogs will also respond to the bark on command off-leash in and around your home. Yelling or shouting from the subject will not cause this dog to back down. Although a level one home protection dog will potentially bite if the subject physically challenged the dog, these dogs are not trained how to most effectively fight the aggressor or effectively follow through with contact without question. They have also demonstrated the lack of ability to be a committed bite dog. The real purpose of our level one personal and family protection dogs is to be a strong deterrent and a member of your family.

SDT deterrent dogs range from $25,000 – $40,000.