Specialty Dog Training™ is a renowned resource for dogs suffering from mild, moderate, and severe behavioral issues. Our team has trained and rehabilitated dogs from all over the world, with the most complex behaviors ranging from anxiety disorders, fear aggression, shy/fearful dogs, leash reactivity and leash aggression, dog aggression, small animal aggression, territorial aggression, excessive barking, obsessive behaviors among other more serious and complex behaviors. Specialty Dog Training™ specializes in creating an unbeatable learning environment in a safe, controlled, fun, and interactive environment.  All behavioral boot camps include a well-rounded dog training program focused on the individual needs of the dog, overall control and obedience, behavior modification, short term, and long term planning, and transfer lessons with the owner(s) to continue the forward progress. Specialty Dog Training™ has saved thousands of dogs from being re-homed or euthanized due to behavioral concerns. We are here to help and will do everything we can to support you and your dog. 

Behavioral Problem Board & Train Programs for Dogs:   

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Mild to Moderate Behavioral Challenges – Foundation 4 Week Camp – $4,840 $4,356.00
Includes 3 handling lessons 

Moderate Behavioral Challenges – Intermediate 6 Week Camp $6,930 $6,237.00
Includes 3 handling lessons

Moderate to Severe Behavioral Challenges – Intermediate/Advanced 8 Week Camp$9,020 $8,118.00
Includes 3 handling lessons 

Severe Behavioral Challenges – Advanced 10 Week Camp$10,890 $9,801.00
Includes 4 handling lessons

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During your complimentary phone consultation, one of our senior certified dog trainers will learn more about your dog, your lifestyle, the challenges, and goals. From there, we will make a recommendation for a customized training program, using the general guidelines listed above. Some dogs require more advanced training beyond our “core” training programs.