Protection Dogs: A New Member of the Family

Written on January 22, 2024

When looking for protection dogs for sale, you have much to consider. You should know what to expect, how to care for them properly, and be sure you are provided with hands of transfer training. Consider this your brief guide, covering what you should know about finding a protection dog that fits in with your family.

What Should You Know About Protection Dogs?

Protection dogs are more than just pets. They’re trained guardians. Unlike other dogs, they undergo specialized evaluation and training to ensure they have the right temperament, health and overall mindset to be loving, balanced canine companions that will defend and protect their owners. They are not aggressive by nature, nor should they be. Instead, they’re taught to assess situations and react accordingly on command unless a threat is imminent and the owner is unable to command the dog. These dogs are highly obedient, good natured pets, but it is important to understand they also are being acquired to keep you and your home safe. 

When considering a protection dog, it’s important to think about your lifestyle and environment. These dogs require consistent reinforcement of training, and continued environmental socialization to maintain their skills and temperament. A protection dog is a commitment to responsible ownership, as is owning any dog and especially large breed dogs. They need a loving, positive environment and an owner who understands their unique needs. A well-trained dog can be a loyal and effective protector, but it’s a partnership built on mutual respect and understanding.

Do They Also Make Good Family Pets?

Protection dogs can make fantastic family pets. Their training focuses on balance, obedience and excellent overall manners ensuring they are safe and gentle around family members, especially kids. These dogs learn to distinguish between everyday interactions and actual threats. This means they’re settled and friendly during normal activities like playtime and family gatherings.

It’s important to remember that these dogs thrive on structure and clear expectations. Regular exercise and reinforcement of training help maintain their manners and keep them happy. They also need plenty of love and attention, just like any other pet. With the right handler training and care, a protection dog blends seamlessly into family life. However, matching the dog’s temperament and energy level with your family’s lifestyle is crucial. Some dogs might be better suited for families with older children or more active households.

What Roles Do Protection Dogs Play?

When looking for protection dogs for sale, you should consider their roles. Some essential functions include:

  • Deterrence. Their presence alone often deters potential threats. Just by being around, these dogs can make intruders think twice before causing trouble.
  • Alert system. They’re trained to be an early warning system as they alert owners to unusual activities or potential dangers. This means they’re quick to notify you if something’s not right.
  • Physical protection. In a threatening or dangerous situation, they can defend their owners. These dogs are skilled in stopping an intruder, giving you time to get out of the situation. 
  • Companionship. Beyond security, they offer loyal companionship. They’re part of the family, providing love and affection.
  • Assurance. Knowing a trained dog is on watch gives owners a sense of security. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially in uncertain times.

If you want security and friendship for your family, a properly trained protection dog is the first step in the right direction. Search for pre-trained protection dogs matching your lifestyle.

What Else Should You Consider Before Looking for Protection Dogs?

Before diving into the search for protection dogs, there are several key factors to consider. These considerations ensure you choose a dog that fits all your needs and capabilities.

Type of Dog

The type of dog is a crucial factor. Protection dogs come in various breeds, each with unique traits and temperaments. German Shepherds are intelligent and versatile, while Belgian Malinois excel in this type of work as well, often they can have more energy than an average household can keep up with. It’s important to research and understand the characteristics of different breeds to aid in selecting a dog whose personality, size, and energy levels match your lifestyle and environment. SDT focuses on the German Shepherd mostly as they have both an excellent “on and off switch”. 


Budgeting for a protection dog involves more than the initial purchase price. Dogs require ongoing investment in high-quality food and routine veterinary care. The cost can vary significantly based on the dog’s training level and pedigree. It’s essential to be realistic about your budget, considering both the short-term and long-term expenses.

Training Needs

Training and genetics are the backbone of a protection dog’s effectiveness. These dogs need professional training to hone their skills and maintain discipline. It’s not just about teaching them to guard. It’s also about ensuring they are sociable, obedient, and well-adjusted to family life. Owners should prepare to invest time and resources into regular training sessions. The good news is Specialty Dog Training provides an average of 25 hours of one-on-one training and coaching at the time of transfer to ensure you have the proper knowledge, ability and information to enjoy life with your new canine companion and also reinforce training throughout his/her life. 

How Can Specialty Dog Training Help You Find Protection Dogs For Sale?

If you have questions about the steps and considerations when looking for protection dogs for sale, Specialty Dog Training can help. We have a dedicated group of highly skilled and experienced professional dog trainers who help guide you in this process from proper matching, handling training and education, hand delivery and transfer along with follow up support. Contact us today to learn more about our personal and family protection dogs and how we can help you feel more safe and secure while also adding a loyal best friend to your life.