Calling All Dog Rescues!!

Written on January 24, 2020

Specialty Dog Training™ has developed many thriving relationships with dog rescue groups in our community. We believe in the importance of assisting our local rescue partners by giving homeless dogs the training tools they need to become balanced, happy, well-mannered pups, and to find their forever homes. Specialty Dog Training™ takes on obedience and behavioral cases, in an effort to increase the adoptability of dogs in rescue programs, and provides these services at a significant discount to the rescue. Behavior modification is one of our specialities as our team offers a combined 65 years of professional dog training experience and handles cases that involve inter-dog aggression (dog to dog aggression), fear aggression, resource guarding (food and toy aggression), territorial aggression and guarding, leash reactivity, redirection and displaced aggression, anxiety disorders, separation anxiety, as well as less severe behaviors like confidence issues, barking, digging, jumping, housebreaking. Our Training Director, Graham Bloem, has helped rehabilitate dogs from all over the world and he has helped instill those skills and knowledge to our entire team.

Through professional intervention and training, Specialty Dog Training™ has successfully helped thousands of rescue dogs find a forever home, when for many of these pups, their opportunities for fosters or forever homes were limited.

Take Logan, for example; an energetic Weimaraner who had three different owners before finding himself in the hands of the Northern California Weimaraner Rescue. With a long list of behavioral issues, including resource guarding, pulling on leash, and overall bad house manners, Logan had limited options for foster homes or finding a permanent home. That’s when his amazing advocates at NCWR reached out to Specialty Dog Training™ for help. The rescue was willing to travel to work with our team because of our experience, reputation and affiliations with other rescues and Veterinary practices. Our team enrolled Logan in a 6 week bootcamp program to teach him foundation obedience, leash manners, handler leadership, and address his problematic resource guarding. After hard work in his intensive training camp, Logan was a happier, more balanced and better behaved dog, and ready to start meeting potential families. This outcome would not have been possible without our specialized board and train programs that are tailored to each dog’s individual needs. Specialty Dog Training™ was able to speak with potential adopters, Laura and Geoff, to determine if this sweet dog was a good fit for their family; and to establish appropriate expectations for Logan, and for them as owners going forward. Once they adopted Logan into their family, Specialty Dog Training™ provided them with 2 private lessons at our facility to help them maintain Logan’s success in his new home!

There’s no training issue too big or too small for us to assist with! Our team of certified dog trainers utilizes over 65 years of combined training experience and our custom training facility, to prepare each dog in our care to succeed at home. We believe in well rounded training programs that include, confidence building, behavior modification, and balanced training with large private training yards, community outings to build confidence, enrichment exercises to reduce stress, and a full mock studio apartment to prepare each dog with the needed home manners to be a balanced family member. Each step of our board and train programs is well thought out and is executed with care, love, professionalism and we are goal oriented to be sure the dog and owner(s) are set up for long term success.

We want to thank all of our existing rescue partners for helping these homeless dogs every day. Thank you for taking the chance on these pups that deserve the support, for being their voice and for trusting in our dog training program to be a resource to assist you with your dogs when in need. Our foundation is built on the belief of helping dogs, dog rescues, dog shelters and the dog owners that need our services. We are here to support you with all of your professional dog training needs.

Contact us today to find out more about our special pricing for our approved rescue partners (discounts up to 40%!), with follow up training included for rescue employees, fosters, or adopters. Email to start the application process.