A Trip to the Vet: Dog Training San Diego

Written on March 3, 2015

A Trip to the Veterinarian


Are you planning a trip to the Veterinarian soon? Maybe your pup just needs a routine check up, updated vaccines or possibly even surgery. Well, regardless of the type of visit there are some things you can do to help make the experience for you and your canine companion much better.

  1. Don’t wait until you “NEED” to go to the Vet. Plan a trip once a month where you just stop in and say hi to the staff, give your dog a treat for walking in to the building and then leave. By visiting your dogs Vet frequently and making it a positive experience, when you really need to go your dog won’t dislike the visit nearly as much…if at all. This will also associate car rides as a positive thing, rather then going in the car twice a year to get stuck with needles and thermometers your pup will think there is something in it for him/her.
  2. Build a relationship with your Vet and make sure that he/she is a good fit for you and your dog. Some Vet’s are good with small dogs, some with large and others are good with both. It helps if your pup enjoys his/her doctor and the staff around them as well
  3. Although you may have been referred to a Vet or heard great things from others, each person and dog is an individual and my advice would be to try and set up a meeting or basic exam to get a feel for the practice and the Veterinarian. If that meeting goes well then you can commit to a long-term relationship and other procedures.

Does your dog respond negatively when visiting the Vet? You may need professional help to work through these worries and issues. Call or email us anytime to set up a consultation and we can discuss how our team can help improve your pups vet experience!




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