Personal and Family Protection Dogs – Part 1: Loyal & Ready

Written on May 24, 2022

Welcome to Specialty Dog Training, a Southern California based, family-owned dog training entity and provider of outstanding personal and family protection dogs. We acquire our dogs from some of the best breeders around the world, each is hand-selected for his/her overall health, temperament, and ability. Our dogs are thoroughly screened medically and demonstrate the stability in their personality to take on this important task.  

We understand this can be a daunting, confusing, and costly investment. Please take the time to read through this blog as it will answer many of your questions and guide you through this process, along with the support of our expert team that is eager to work with you and answer any additional questions you may have.  So, you’re considering a protection dog, but you are registering tons of information from different companies trying to understand and plan for the investment. Where do you start? What dog is right for you? Is it worth the investment? In this blog, we help answer these questions and take a deeper dive into what the process is like when working with our team, and what your experience should be like when acquiring a specially trained personal or family protection dog.

Portrait of a young belgian shepherd malinois running straight at the camera. Muscular and lean dog on a background of autumn forest.

You may be seeking our expertise out of your own personal experience, or you have realized the need for a protection animal from the increasing crime and violent home invasion rates. Sadly, we have clients who have been victims of home invasions, assault, muggings, attempted break-ins, car jackings, stalking, and too-close-to-home run-ins with crime. We speak to clients every day who have experienced true fear, violation of safety, or worse. The “why” is often very obvious and inspires people to seek us out. However, it’s a substantial commitment and while a personal protection dog increases your safety and having a new best friend is an exciting concept, there is a lot that goes into it.  

Read the life-changing impact our Protection Dogs have on just a couple of our clients

Now that I’m starting week 2 of dealing with my broken knee, I wanted to let you know that Gunner has been absolutely wonderful. He seems to understand that he can’t be his usual boisterous self around me, and is so incredibly gentle. He is walked twice a day by dog walkers, and he’s very obedient with them. They spend about 45 minutes each morning and afternoon walking around the neighborhood, followed by 10 to 15 minutes of fetch in my backyard. He is so eager to please, and always looks over to me (since I can’t play fetch with him, but I’m always watching) to make sure I’m OK. Even without treat rewards or the Kong, when we walk together he heels very slowly and cautiously and is constantly looking at me to make sure I’m ok. And he spends hours a day on and beside his dog bed, often gazing at me when he’s not playing with his chew toys. He understands that he needs to take it easy when he’s not on his walks or playing fetch. Gunner has become ever more protective and I am absolutely confident that he would defend me if I faced any threat whatsoever. He truly is the best dog possible for me. I just wanted you to know what a great boy he is, and how eager he is to please. We’ve really bonded and he is such a joy to have in my life.”


“I give this place ten stars! I received Thor, a Level III protection dog this past Monday. Thor is lovable, impeccably trained and very happy. Graham, Garick and the entire staff have done an outstanding job! I finally feel safe at home knowing that Thor will protect me should anything happen. I highly recommend Specialty Dog Training. Thank you very much!”