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Shan Foster

Dog Trainer at Specialty Dog Training 


Shan’s love of dogs began at an early age with his family’s hunting lab and then his own dog, a Doberman, which he began training at the age of nine. Being a military brat as a child, he had the unique opportunity to live in many different areas of the world and come in contact with many different types of dogs.  In high school and college he was able to work with numerous types of hunting dogs such as Terriers, Coon Hounds, Retrievers and Pointers. Shan earned his bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice and subsequently earned a Master Canine Trainer Certification from National K-9 Learning Center of Columbus Ohio. This high level course taught many disciplines of dog training, including Pet Obedience, Assistance Dog Training for the Disabled, Scent Detection and Tracking, Search and Rescue, Personal Protection Training, Police K-9 Training, Kennel Management and Small Business Operation. At National K9, Shan trained under Scott Mueller, a founder in the training of support dogs for disabled individuals. He also worked as a trail guide, horse trainer, and dog trainer through his private business in Colorado and Wyoming.


Along with training dogs in all levels of obedience, service/assistance dogs, nose work/detection dogs, hunting, herding and personal protection, Shan also has experience working with Fox Hounds in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming as well as working for a sled dog guiding business under the supervision of a three time Iditarod competitor.  Shan spent three years working as a Huntsman for various professional fox hunts from Virginia to California.


In 2004, Shan was employed as a Deputy Sheriff and soon became a K-9 Officer working and training single-purpose and dual-purpose K9’s. One of those K9’s he started at 10 weeks of age earning numerous certifications and eventually achieving the title as a dual-purpose apprehension, narcotics detection dog before he was a year old. Shan also certified a dual-purpose explosives detection and patrol dog with the Department of Defense and was deployed to Iraq as a private contractor to train and handle working canines.


Through his unique and vast experiences in the working dog arena, Shan has had the pleasure of working with some of the best trainers in their field as well as a large variety of dogs. Thanks to these experiences, he gained valuable insight into how different breeds of dogs behave and think. He has developed and implemented different philosophies and disciplines to his training to respond to the needs of each individual dog with which he works. Shan also has an enormous amount of experience teaching and training dog owners as well as other dog trainers. He looks forward to adding these skills and his passion to Shelter to Soldier and Specialty Dog Training.

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